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# bitdispenser.dev
My personal website
[![Build Status](https://ci.poldebra.me/api/badges/polpetta/bitdispenser.dev/status.svg)](https://ci.poldebra.me/polpetta/bitdispenser.dev)
This is my personal website where I like to keep my thoughts mostly about
technology & software. The site is statically generated thanks to
[Hugo](https://gohugo.io/), and it huses the [Hermit
theme](https://github.com/Track3/hermit). Posts are written in Markdown and then
checked with Aspell.
Note: for all the people reading this on Github, the repository is Just a
mirror. If you want to clone from the real source, you need to head to my
personal [Gitea instance](https://git.poldebra.me). You can clone the repository
git clone https://git.poldebra.me/polpetta/bitdispenser.dev.git
## Building the website
You can have a live preview of the website locally using the following command:
hugo serve
Note that this repository uses Git LFS, so you need to enable it and pull binary
objects first before building the site, otherwise you will likely have missing
images & assets. If you don't have git LFS, type:
git lfs install
git lfs pull
## Lint & spellchecker checks
Lint & spellchecker are respectively done with a npm package and a bash script.
For running them you need node installed.
For lint checking:
npm install
npm run lint
For spell check:
npm run spellchecker
./tools/spellchecker.sh en
## License
Images and all the other content taken on internet are of their rispective
owners. All the other content is to consider under CC-BY-SA 4.0. Code snippets
otherwise specified are to be considered under MIT license.